Selecting the right Medicare plan can be incredibly daunting, and it’s really only half of the battle. Actually enrolling in—and receiving—care can add additional complexity.

We sought to take the doubt and confusion out of the process by presenting consumers with a clear choice: Kaiser Permanente Medicare. Unlike its competition, Kaiser Permanente Medicare is more than just a health plan; it’s a healthy place—where coverage and care work together under one roof.

To bring this concept to life, we created a TV spot that follows a patient’s visit to a dreamy Kaiser Permanente facility. As he seamlessly moves between appointments with a diverse network of doctors and specialists, it’s clear that at Kaiser Permanente: care is hassle-free, coverage is thought-through and affordable, and the most important person is the patient. By manifesting services as actual people, we turned aspirational into attainable, and removed the hurdle of choosing a Medicare plan to clear the way for a confidence choice. Most importantly, we took self-doubt out of the process and transformed Kaiser Permanente Medicare from an option into a welcoming and healthy destination.

The campaign was also supported by digital assets and a DM stream.

Client: Kaiser Permanente

Concept and copy created at Wunderman

TV Spot

Campaign Overview + Results