The Ritz-Carlton

International luxury hotel chain The Ritz-Carlton bases its renown service on scenography, the elements, rituals, and experiences that create an emotional experience for each guest, distinctive to each property. Every member of The Ritz-Carlton's prestigious Ladies and Gentleman team is expected to learn and become an expert in their property's unique scenography theme, and the onboarding process required a complete overhaul. SCNG emerged as a glossy, user-friendly, and inviting bible to scenography with all-original content. This guidebook emulates the feel and content of a lifestyle magazine, with brilliant photography, in-depth interviews with staff members, and editorials that highlight the best examples of scenography from Ritz-Carlton locations around the globe. From Shanghai to Abama and Dove Mountain to Doha, SCNG is unlike any other employee training manual and a true pleasure to read.

Client: The Ritz-Carlton

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